Zunzi's journey began in Savannah, Georgia in 2005.  Founders Johnny and Gaby DeBeer created its eclectic menu by fusing the flavors of their cultural backgrounds, South African, Swiss, Italian, and Dutch.

Years earlier, the two met while working at Olympia Cafe, a Greek spot on the Savannah River.  With the leadership of Olympia’s owners, they set out to start their own venture.  Johnny would have preferred a disco, but Gaby had other plans.  To compromise, she let Johnny name their restaurant… He landed on the name Zunzi’s, after his favorite place to vacation, Zanzibar.

They quickly fell in love with filling the tummies of SCAD students and local businesspeople craving a saucy sandwich and a South African Sweet Tea. 

Zunzi's became known for serving food that makes their fans say “SHIT YEAH!” and before they knew it, lines were wrapped around the building daily.  Business grew to a level that was burning Johnny and Gaby out, so they made plans to close up shop and sail into retirement.  But not before reaching out to Chris Smith, a local Five Guys Franchisee who fell in love with Zunzi's in 2008.

He seized this opportunity and took the reins in 2014.  Chris knew that a restaurant that had the ability to make their team and their fans say “SHIT YEAH!” was special, and had far more potential than just a hole-in-the-wall local favorite.  Chris has since doubled down on “SHIT YEAH!”, making it a PROMISE, not just a motto.  Zunzi’s promises that if a guest does not leave saying “SHIT YEAH!”, they will make it right. 

Our “SHIT YEAH!” Guarantee Charge of 2.6% on every order is our insurance to you that we live up to this promise.  If you aren’t satisfied and don’t leave saying “SHIT YEAH!”, we will refund your order fully AND send you a gift card for the same value.  We know the value of our fans... PRICELESS.